Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism

Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (ANM)  is a leading international peer-reviewed journal for sharing information on human nutrition, metabolism, and related fields, covering the broad and multidisciplinary nature of science in nutrition and metabolism.

The journal focuses on human nutrition and metabolism and related areas, including experimental studies and basic science that can inform human nutrition science.

We welcome manuscripts describing observational and intervention studies as well as basic science reports on the topics of foods, diets and dietary supplements, nutrigenomics and genetics related to metabolism, on energy metabolism, macro- and micronutrients including vitamins and minerals, biofunctional compounds, dietetics, obesity, clinical nutrition, social sciences and health economy as related to nutrition and metabolism and nutrition policy.

Laboratory-based science may include descriptions of relevant experimental models.

In addition to Original Papers, the journal will publish Review Articles on topical subjects, Systematic Reviews, short Commentaries and Viewpoint articles that may address current controversies, short Meeting Reports, Letters to the Editor, and Announcements/Society News.

The journal will also publish Supplements with proceedings from internationally relevant conferences on nutrition and metabolism.

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