About the eBook

In 2014, ECOG launched a unique initiative: a free e-book for doctors, psychologists, physical activity specialists, nutritionists, health workers, and policy makers to provide them with an updated set of information on childhood obesity.

Why this initiative?


  • Knowledge has amazingly accumulated for 20 years making obesity one of the most complex diseases ever faced. Many fields of research have merged in order to understand how child and adolescent obesity develops and can be cured.
  • Obesity has become the most widespread non-communicable disease in children and adolescents. In some countries, one child out of five is already obese at the age of 3 years old as WHO reports.
  • Progress relies on strategies integrating discoveries. Sharing knowledge has become urgent in order to improve prevention and care as well as to enhancing the dissemination of up-to-date information.


The e-book is authored by 57 ECOG members & accredited specialists belonging to 35 different renowned Medicine and Science Universities or 10 Research Institutes in 14 European countries.