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ECOG’s Position Papers

  • Braet C, O’Malley G, Weghuber D, Vania A, Erhardt E, Nowicka P, Mazur A, Frelut ML, Ardelt-Gattinger E. The assessment of eating behavior in children who are obese: a psychological approach. A position paper from the European childhood obesity group. Obes Facts. 2014;7(3):153-64.
  • Thivel D, Ring-Dimitriou S, Weghuber D, Frelut ML, O’Malley G. Muscle Strength and Fitness in Pediatric Obesity: a Systematic Review from the European Childhood Obesity Group. Obes Facts. 2016;9(1):52-63.
  • O’Malley G., Ring-Dimitriou S., Nowicka P., Vania A., Frelut M.L., Farpour-Lambert N., Weghuber D., Thivel D. Physical activity and physical fitness in pediatric obesity: what are the first steps for clinicians Expert conclusion from the 2016 ECOG workshop. Int J Exerc Sci 2017;10(4): 487-96.


ECOG Protocol For The Study Of Childhood Obesity Prevalence

A protocol for the study of childhood obesity prevalence was established by ECOG and can be found at ECOG Prevalence Protocol (English version) – PDF

This protocol was described in detail for the study evaluating the prevalence of childhood obesity in France. It includes questionnaires, instructions for measurements, information letters etc.

This document can assist in designing and conducting studies on the prevalence of childhood obesity and facilitate international comparisons.

Reference:  Lehingue Y. The European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG) project: the European collaborative study on the prevalence of obesity in children. Am J Clin Nutr 1999;70:166S-8S


ECOG’s Books

  • Walter Burniat, Tim.J.Cole, Inge Lissau, Elizabeth M. E. Poskitt: Child and Adolescent Obesity Causes and Consequences, Prevention and Management. Cambridge University Press, 2002. ISBN 0-521-65237-5
  • The free eBook on Child and adolescent obesity available at