ECOG Endorses Springer Healthcare IME’s Program: ‘Rethinking Obesity in Adolescents


The European Childhood Obesity Group is delighted to endorse and support the independent medical educational program โ€œRethinking obesity in adolescentsโ€ by Springer Healthcare IME.

This expert-led program aims to support you with the individualized management of obesity in adolescents through education on the importance of early detection and intervention; how to develop tailored management plans including the appropriate incorporation of AOMs; and managing the psychological and social factors influencing treatment adherence.

The inaugural learning module is taught by ECOGโ€™s very own Daniel Weghuber and Caroline and is dedicated to discussing the individual and societal burden of adolescent obesity, including unique challenges faced by the adolescent population and strategies to overcome them in this latest expert discussion video module.

Access the programme here.


This educational activity is intended for an international audience of non-US and non-UK HCPs. Supported by an educational grant from NOVO NORDISK A/S.