Too much sodium and monosaccharides, insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables and whole grains… An unhealthy  diet is one of the main risk factors for health, causing as many deaths as tobacco or alcohol consumption. Here are some advice and fact sheets for doctors presented in partnership with Aprifel.

What is a healthy diet? Why and how do fruit and vegetables contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases? Which diet should be recommended during pre-conception period and pregnancy? Created for health professionals, these advice and fact sheets aim to support their action on nutritional advice. Thanks to short and practical messages, the goal is to facilitate dialogue between patient and his doctor and to improve people’s eating habits.

A validation process involving scientists and physicians
These nutrition and health advice fact sheets are based on scientific consensus regarding diet and chronic diseases prevention. They have been elaborated with the office of the University College of General Medicine of Lyon 1 University, the European association of general practitioners (WONCA Europe) and the European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG).

In total, 14 advice and facts sheets will be available by the end of 2020. You can find and download each of them here.